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Plum | Remy Human Hair Sew-Ins
Plum | Remy Human Hair Sew-Ins
Plum | Remy Human Hair Sew-Ins
Plum | Remy Human Hair Sew-Ins
Plum | Remy Human Hair Sew-Ins
Plum | Remy Human Hair Sew-Ins
Plum | Remy Human Hair Sew-Ins

Plum | Remy Human Hair Sew-Ins

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Looking to add some serious length and volume to your hair?

Sew-In Weft Remy Human Hair Extensions are the perfect solution! Available in 16′,18′,20′,22′,24′ inch lengths, these extensions can be cut, straightened, dyed, curled – basically treated just like your own hair. Plus, with a professional stylist, they’re easy to install – simply sew them in or attach with micro beads for a quick and seamless transformation. Our sew-ins are sold in individual packs containing 1 weft. Thin hair needs about 1 pack. Medium density requires about 1-2 packs. Thick hair needs about 2-3 packs. So say goodbye to thinning hair and hello to gorgeous locks that will have everyone asking “how long did you take to grow your hair out?”


100% Remy Human Hair
Sarko Beauty™ Sew-In Remy Human Hair Extensions are made with the highest quality, 100% Remy Human Hair. They are designed with superior craftsmanship and come in the widest range of colors to blend with your natural hair.


Length Weight Width
16 120g 30"
18 135g 30"
20 145g 30"
22 160g 30"
24 175g 33"


A very dark and deep purple color shade, which makes for a fun hairstyle.


Why is Sarko Beauty hair of most premium quality in the industry?

Sarko Beauty designs all of its hair products with the highest quality ethically-sourced hair in the industry. All our products are 100% human hair with cuticles intact and aligned which means it can be heat-styled, shampoo and conditioned without damage, tangling or shedding. With proper care, our remy human hair extensions for at least 6-12 months. 

Are Sarko Beauty hair extensions double drawn?

Yes, all our hair extensions are double drawn which means that they are thick from roots to the tips and also natural-looking. This is a premium technique used for luxury human hair extensions. 

Will Sarko Beauty hair extensions damage my hair?

No, Sarko Beauty hair does not damage when you treat it with proper care. This is because the hair is 100% human hair and does not have any synthetic blends nor fibers. You can wash your Sarko Beauty virgin human hair toppers and wigs or remy human hair extensions without damaging it. 

My hair is super thin, will these hair extensions be noticeable?

Sarko Beauty hair extensions are designed to be undetectable with our traditional wefts or seamless wefts, which are super-thin and you just need enough hair to lay over top of the wefts to cover it.  You may also backcomb your hair over the weft if your hair is extra thin, as this will allow you to conceal the hair extension wefts. Our small clips securely grasp on to your natural hair and allows volume coverage throughout your head while presenting a natural look. 

What’s the difference between weft clip-ins and seamless clip-ins?

Both weft clip-ins and seamless clip-ins are a quick and easy installation that gives you instant length and volume in minutes. Weft clip-ins are traditional and are made by sewing human hair onto a piece of durable fabric. It provides a little more volume at the roots as the weft is not flat, which could be great if your locks are lacklustre. On the contrary, seamless clip-ins are silicone wefts that are super flat and are perfect if you have thin hair to provide the most natural and seamless blend into your bio hair. 

How long do remy human hair extensions last?

Sarko Beauty 100% remy human hair extensions stay in pristine condition for at least 6-12 months, with proper care.

Why is human hair more expensive than synthetic?

Human hair is premium quality and can be heat-styled, shampoo and conditioned without shedding or tangling. Remy human hair normally lasts for at least 6-12 months with the right maintenance. Sarko Beauty does not sell synthetic hair as it cannot be heat-styled at high temperatures. Synthetic hair also sheds, tangles and damages easily after a short period of time.  We are a luxury hair brand, thus only sell human hair extensions. 

Color Matching

How can I get help finding the right hair color for me?

We have over 25 color shades or hair. If you are unsure, you can use our FREE color match service by submitting images of your hair in natural lighting. A Sarko Beauty mentor will reach out to you shortly after and give you an expert recommendation. Additionally, each order comes with a tester sample which you can try and if it doesn’t match, you can exchange for the right color. Because of the naturalness of our human hair, it’ll blend well even if there is a slight difference

Can I dye Remy Human Hair Extensions?

Sarko Beauty’s team of professional hair stylists have already dyed the hair in various colours and technique, such as balayage, highlights, and lowlights so they are ready to use. With over 20 shades, we are sure you’ll find the perfect match for you. We do not recommend re-dyeing remy human hair extensions to avoid overprocessing and damage to the cuticles which would drastically shorten the lifespan of the hair. 

How often should I wash my hair extensions?

This is dependent on how often you wear your clip-ins, but at least once or twice a month for moderate to frequent wearers.  For our tape-ins, you should wash it as you would normally shampoo your hair. 

Can I trim my hair extensions?

Yes - it is already cut with natural-flowing hair, but you can also trim it to your preference. 

Are Sarko Beauty hair extensions double drawn?

Yes, all our hair extensions are double drawn which means that they are thick from roots to the tips and also natural-looking. This is a premium technique used for luxury human hair extensions. 

Returns & Exchanges

What’s Sarko Beauty’s return and exchange policy?

Please refer to our refund policy here -

Can I return items if I opened the seal?

No, all items are final sale once the seal is opened and any refund is VOID.

What if my order is defective?

We take pride in our best-in-class, premium quality. If an order is defective, reach out immediately and we’ll work with you on next steps to ensure you receive our high standard quality product. 

How do I return or exchange my product?

The buyer is responsible for return and exchange shipping charges. Please contact us prior to returning anything. It is important that the item is dispatched within the 7-day window.  Return the item to the below address:

Sarko Beauty

306-71 W 2nd Ave

Vancouver, Canada

V5Y 0J7

Shipping & Tracking Orders

How long will it take for me to receive my package?

Hair extensions are delivered within 14-21 business days. 

I haven’t received my order yet

Please text or call us at 1-833-447-2756 and we can give an update. You can also email and we’ll look into things.  

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