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Remy Human Hair Extensions

Remy Human Hair Extensions


      You’re a woman on the go. We get it. And we’ve got you covered with Remy Hair Extensions that are quick and easy to apply, so you can have gorgeous human hair in no time! Whether you want to add a few inches of length, thicker locks, or needing extra volume in certain spots like around your face, Sarko Beauty’s double drawn Remy Human Hair Extensions can do it all.

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      Why Remy Human Hair Extensions?

      Remy human hair extensions are premium and the most popular type of hair extensions on the market today! Remy is actually human hair with all cuticles aligned and intact which minimizes shedding and tangling. Therefore, unlike its non-remy hair counterparts, you do not have to worry about hair shedding after washing or heat-styling them. Not to mention, Sarko Beauty’s luxury remy human hair extensions are double drawn, which means they have the same thickness from the roots to its tips to avoid straggly ends.

      Weft Clip-Ins

      Discover the hair solution that became an instant hit because of its simplicity – weft clip-in hair extensions or weft clip-ins. The weft clip-in is a type of hair extension that has clips attached to each end and is sewn into the hair (similar to sew-in). However, weft can be installed in seconds without sewing or gluing. Clip ins by nature are easy to maintain and require no additional equipment to take them out. They are tremendously versatile for any person who wants or needs temporary hair extensions without the fuss of dealing with bonding, worrying about glues that might damage the hair.

      Seamless Clip-Ins

      Seamless clip-ins are similar to weft clip-ins, but instead the hair is attached to an ultra thin silicone base that is very hair-friendly and invinsible. This works great for women with thin hair as the thin invisible weft is “poof-proof,” which is a word we created that means it lays flat. This line of extensions can be installed in minutes and are a great accessory when you want instant length, volume, or want to cover up thinning.


      Tape-in hair extensions are made of 100% human remy hair, which means they look natural and feel great. They come in over 20 different colors so you can find one that matches yours perfectly. Plus our tape-ins are super lightweight – about 2.5 grams per piece – so they won’t weigh down your head or pull out your real hair when attached properly.


      Add some flair and style to your hair without having to wait for it to grow out to the perfect ponytail length! With our remy human hair clip-in ponytails, changing up your look has never been easier! Just attach them using Velcro straps and small combs so they stay secure all day long – no matter how much activity you get into during the day.


      Imagine waking up every morning with gorgeous locks that generate frequent compliments on how amazing they look. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside or if you have an important meeting – these weaves are perfect for any occasion! And best of all, no one will ever know they aren't your real hair because there's nothing fake about them. Remy Human Hair Sew-Ins weave into your existing hair for an undetectable finish.

      One Piece Volumizer

      You won’t believe how easy these extensions are to use until you try them yourself. Just follow these three simple steps…clip-in…flip over…and voila - voluminous locks that will have you become a trending topic at work in the morning when they see how you switched it up with this new look. Sarko Beauty’s one piece wire extensions, include clips and an invisible wire to ensure the perfect fit.