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Remy Human Hair Tape-Ins

Remy Human Hair Tape-Ins


      You’re not alone. We all get bored with our hair, but there are so many options out there! There are clip-in extensions, wigs, toppers, and even sew-ins. Although, many love tape-in extensions because they are semi-permanent and stay in place for a minimum of 3 months.

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      Sarko Beauty tape-in hair extensions are 100% remy human and can be re-used after you take them out because the hair can stay in pristine condition for up to 1 year!

      Tape-in hair extensions can look so realistic that even you won’t know the difference. The thin backing on them is removed to reveal adhesive, which is applied to your natural hair. This works by having your natural hair sandwiched between the extensions with the adhesives. It may sound complicated but with some careful work by hair professionals it should be easy as pie. The only tricky part about applying tape-ins at home might actually come before taping which involves sectioning off smaller pieces for application onto other areas on top according to individual needs - this way they will blend better without sticking out too much.

      Applying them too close to the scalp can make removal difficult and may cause damage as it's more likely you'll get tangled up in them with natural hair. It is also important that there be enough space between where adhesive strip ends with skin, avoiding putting these near your hairline. Just repeat this process throughout your whole head and your hair is all set for the red carpet runway!