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We want to show you the behind-the-scenes of the factory where we manufacture the premium top quality hair before packaging and sending it to your doorstep.

In order to deliver you the Sarko Beauty promise, we spent one full year finding the right factory that not only manufactures premium 100% human hair sourced from various continents, but also that aligned with our company values and vision.

It is important that our values are met and that starts from sourcing the raw materials, all the way to the packaging of our product. The factory we partnered with is experienced in the human hair manufacturing industry and has been producing the highest quality products for nearly 20 years. Additionally we work with experienced local hair stylists in Vancouver, Canada for some of our beautiful highlighting and balayage coloring.

Located in Quindao, Shandong, China the factory employs over 100 diverse employees from local communities with an average age of 39 years old. Majority of its workers are women, with an estimation of 75%. All staff members work from Monday – Friday with holidays and weekends off. 


Our factory has passed stringent environmental audit programs, and have received Global Recycle Standards certifications. All the processes comply with international environmental standards. Sarko Beauty makes a concerted effort to use environmentally friendly packaging materials and accessories each opportunity.

We are committed to sourcing ethical and sustainable hair. Additionally, our goal is to positively impact the communities where we live and work.