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Remy Human Hair Clip-Ins | Sarko Beauty

Remy Human Hair Weft Clip-Ins


      100% Remy Human Hair Clip-ins are the newest and trendiest way to change your hairstyle on demand. The best thing about clip-in hair extensions is that they're so easy! You just attach them and take them out in minutes.

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      Clip-ins are a great option for anyone who wants longer, fuller hair without any wait or maintenance that may be required with weaves or tape-ins . Clip-ins clip into your own existing hair using clips positioned on the front and back side of each piece of clip-in hair. There is little to no discomfort when getting clip ins put in because it does not involve weaving.

      The benefits of clip ins can include:

      1 – Instant length and volume. It only takes minutes to attach a few pieces of clip in hair extensions and you have a brand new look! Whether you would like to add fullness to thinning areas or get your Rapunzel on, rocking super long locks, these are you solution. Bonus - no cutting involved.

      2 – Virtually undetectable. Remy Human hair clip in hair extensions are unnoticeable, as they are made with 100% human hair with cuticles aligned, which means no shedding or tangling. You can clip in pieces of clip in hair extensions anywhere on your head for added fullness. If you have thinning edges, clip ins are the perfect solution for this problem. They attach right to your own hair using clips at the front and back of each piece of clip in hair extensions.

      3 - Ease. So easy, even a child can install them (not recommended). It takes only minutes to clip them in and they’re super comfy. For people who consider themselves not so "handy" with beauty tricks, clip-ins do not require any skill level nor expertise! These low-key are one of the greatest invention of all time and clip right onto your natural hair without any weaving or sewing required.

      The discreet silicon backed clips protect your natural tresses while they securely attach onto the thinner parts on top of one another for all day wearability. Try your new look with these beauties and fall in love!