Sarko Beauty Officially A Vender

Sarko Beauty Officially A Vender

Sarko Beauty Officially Is a Vendor of Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation

Sarko Beauty has a mission to empower women by inspiring confidence through human hair products, storytelling, and connection. This month of February 2022, Sarko Beauty has partnered with another organization that has a vision in alignment – Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation. CANAAF supports those affected by Alopecia Areata, promotes awareness and education of this auto-immune disease and raises funds for research.

Sarko Beauty’s product line includes hair extensions, wigs and hair toppers. Women with hair loss find wigs and hair toppers to be a convenient, simple solution and we are committed to continuously solving their problems and providing products to ensure wellness.

Our Products For Women with Alopecia Areata

Silk Base Wigs

Our brand is known for its superior designs of silk base human hair wigs that are glueless and have the most realistic hairlines, which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to know that you are wearing a wig. Additionally, the silk base technology includes human hair meticulously injected inside the base which gives the illusion that hair is growing out from it. This silk base acts as a fake scalp and sits at the top of one’s head with a comfortable glueless weft cap attached to the base. Not only does hair drape down from the cap, but the hair covering 4x4 silk base can be parted to reveal a middle or side part to look the same as if you were parting your natural bio hair.

Hair Toppers

Sarko Beauty’s hair toppers are a very popular solution for hair loss and thinning areas because you simply place it on top of the spot and interlock its clips to your bio hair. These units are beautifully designed with a silk base and human hair that can simply be blended with your bio hair. This makes it undetectable that you are wearing our unit because it lays flat. Moreover, it can be parted in the middle or the side, if preferred.

On our quest to becoming a leading hair brand with a focus on providing emotional wellness and fostering connection, we were pleased to learn about mentorship programs within the CANAAF organization. For instance, women that are going through their journey with alopecia can partner with a mentor that already had a similar experience and provide tools and stories to help one navigate through this time. Additionally, there are support groups in most of the major cities in Canada for women with this auto-immune condition can join and meet others to overcome the situation together. Lastly, we look to donate some of our wigs this year to the foundation’s Wig Library for women that struggle with adjusting to their first wig; therefore, can try one on loan.

In conclusion, we are excited about this great opportunity to make a long-lasting impact in this community and look forward to helping women connect with each other as they embark in this journey.